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​Destination: WFH

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​Destination: WFH
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WFH, (that's, Work From Hotel) is the new way to enjoy your new freedom and remote work destination. While everyone is all too familiar with ‘work from home’, allow us to introduce you to 2022’s hottest trend created by various luxury hospitality brands, ‘work from hotel’. Whether for the day or extended stay, brands are offering a growing segment of remote workers a change of work environment, experience, and pace. The ability to work remotely gives people a new way to use hotels.

Hospitality Trends

Here’s how the #room360lifestyle stepped in with creative ways to elevate hotel brand partners solutions to provide today's digital nomads with the chance to maximize their productivity while working remotely. Take a closer look at some of the reimagined accessories equipped for guest rooms, suites, and work-from-hotel spaces.

Home Away From Home Office Essentials

For a comfortable and effective workspace, accessories that enhance the design and functionality of every room include:

  1. Desk Blotters and Coasters; attracted by the traditional travelers, blotters add subtle luxury to the room for organization or artistic decoration. Protect surfaces from setting down your laptop or beverages.
  2. Multi-Use / Multi-compartment Trays; varying in design and functions, room360° by FOH® trays bring modern style to space-saving compartments and serving solutions. It's an easy operation from private in-room dining to community spaces like the boardroom and poolside.
  3. Door Hangers; guests can take advantage of ‘quiet time on downtime’ with 4 printed message options to display much-needed DND.

Eat-In Go-To’s

Snack and beverage stations? Yes Please! Guests will be reaching for that afternoon pick-me-up.

  1. Station Trays; Stations exist in many shapes and sizes and with a wide range of uses. The innovative Flat Tray with six suggested layouts is designed to fit the popular Keurig and Nespresso Coffee Makers.
  2. Ice Buckets; from iced coffee to popping bubbly, these cool go-to’s are available from 2Qt - 3.5Qt with limitless options of style with mix & match capabilities. All include a removable and dishwasher-safe liner to easily clean and sanitary too!
  3. Fully Equipped Kitchens; part of finishing touches like in-room drinkware in a broad range of unique style, commercial-grade, and dishwasher safe.

Essential Safety Measures

Extra safety measures are key in today's guest experience with laser focus hygiene & safety.

  1. Multi-use Bag; a sterile protection concept for remotes, toothbrushes, flatware, tongs, to hold your mask, and more!
  2. Pumps; staff and guests are safe in common and public areas.
  3. Amenity Bags; sought-after chic and sustainable ways for bath and guest room amenities like newspaper, hairdryers, robes, blankets, pillows organized and dust-free.

Let’s talk…

Looking for some ideas or advice for your hotel property? We’d love to help. Contact our in-house Miami-based Design & Development Team to discuss the next steps.

cynthia haddad 8 months ago at 8:19 AM
such great insight! working from hotel lobbies is the best!