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​How To Refresh Your Design: Customization

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​How To Refresh Your Design:  Customization
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Customization has become an effective strategy for hospitality designers and brands to meet the new demands of the guests' experience. Defining the characteristics of the hotel’s rooms with a closer approach to customer preferences or interests means greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and further – differentiation. Here’s how to refresh your design with customization.

Inspiration via Customization.

“WOW” your guests with a personal experience and personality to the brand when you partner with our Florida -based design team, who can facilitate small ways to make big changes with; Etching, Laser, Decaling, Custom Sizing, Concepts, and more.


Why we love it: Options are limitless. Add color and texture to mats and liners with over 130 colors and sizes in our Metroweave® collection; that are bacteria, stain and fade resistant, and all designed with a patented construction.


Why we love it: Can’t get that fire-engine red out of your head? From blazing brights and rich tones to delicate pastels, and serene neutrals, our team works closely to match your brand's color scheme.

Etching & Decaling

Why we love it: Add a timeless message of your brand. In-house decaling and etching capabilities is an art that is a very flexible process and can cover a wide range of decorating styles and materials.

As a global solutions manufacturer partner, refreshing your hotel design may be simpler (and budget-friendly) than you think. All solutions are designed, manufactured, and stocked by us.

Looking to customize your next project? Inspiration starts here.

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