In-room Drinkware

We offer in-room drinkware in a broad range of unique styles and materials to pair perfectly with our trays and accessory holders for a full-service serving solution. Commercial-grade, dishwasher safe, and affordably priced.

In-room Drinkware

In-room Drinkware

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  • 20oz Carafe Snap Lid

    20oz Carafe Snap Lid

  • 38oz Fast/Slow Pourer

    38oz Fast/Slow Pourer

  • 38oz Carafe Snap Lid

    38oz Carafe Snap Lid

  • 10oz Carafe Snap Lid

    10oz Carafe Snap Lid

  • Phildendron Leaf Coaster/Doily

    Phildendron Leaf Coaster/Doily

  • London Faux Leather Coaster

    London Faux Leather Coaster